Current Forecast Meet the Forecaster

Issued: 7pm on Sunday, September 3rd 2023

Technical Forecast Discussion

Extended Short-term Forecast (Sunday 9/3/23 through Wednesday 9/6/23):

Southeast Ohio is currently positioned beneath a persistent upper-level ridge, which has facilitated the buildup of high-pressure conditions over the preceding days. This ridge will maintain its influence into the early part of the week, gradually shifting eastward. Consequently, the region will bask in clear and sun-drenched skies, with afternoon temperatures soaring into the 90s. No precipitation is anticipated during this period.

By the time Wednesday arrives, the impending effects of an upper-level trough, coupled with a weak surface cold front, will begin to enter in the area. This will be accompanied by a gradual increase in cloud cover, although daytime temperatures will continue to linger in the 90s.

Extended Long-term Forecast (Thursday 9/7/23 through Saturday 9/8/23):

On Thursday, the cold front is forecasted to pass during the afternoon hours, exerting a cooling influence and holding daytime temperatures in the mid-80s. Along this front, there may be light, brief rain showers. A slow-moving low-pressure system, known as a cutoff low, will persistently occupy the vicinity through Saturday. This presence will sustain overcast skies and maintain temperatures at a near-normal range, residing in the low 80s.