Christopher Redmond

Class Year:
Class of 2011


Christopher is a graduate from Norton, Ohio and is majored in Meteorology. He was the President of the Ohio University Meteorology Club, a member of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association since 2005. Christopher is also involved with the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the AMS. He plans to attend graduate school after receiving his bachelor’s degree and then later continue with a career in the meteorological field. He plans on focusing on severe weather and the phenomenon of lighting within thunderstorms. His hobbies include skateboarding and dirt late model racing. He is also an avid storm chaser and has made several treks into the Plains during tornado season.

Christopher has given several presentations to members of the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the AMS in June. He discussed pictures he took on a trip with a few other Ohio University students to Tennessee in Febuary. The pictures were from the students storm survey of destruction in the tornado outbreak that occured a few days earlier on February 5th, 2008. He made connections to the damage and what was going on simultaneously in the atmosphere. He also gave a talk on the Scalia Laboratory’ s Lightning Detection Equipment and how you can relate lightning to hail within a thunderstorm. Specifically he talked about the April 29, 2008 hail event in Athens, Ohio.