Bailey Schaaf

Staff Roles:
Midday Forecaster (2024-25)


Bailey is a Junior in Geography-Meteorology with a minor in Geological Sciences. She is from Dayton, Ohio and has been fascinated by the weather since she was little. She has always been known as the kid who was going to be a meteorologist since 3rd grade. Her parents remark that she ‘wouldn’t hear her parents calling her’ from her room, but once the local meteorologist came on TV, she would come barreling out into the living room to watch.

Her interests in weather lay within severe weather and tornadoes, but also has a love and passion for volcanoes, hydrology, forestry, nature, and earth science in general (she’s always been a science girly at heart). Outside of school, she had a passion in digital drawing, writing, color guard, roller coasters, and coffee.