Current Forecast Meet the Forecaster

Issued: 12am on Thursday, January 1st 1970

Technical Forecast Discussion

Short term (Monday 5/20 through Tuesday 5/21)

Dry, cold air from the previous day’s cold front will continue to be advected through the region on Monday. This will result in moisture being pushed out which overall results in a decrease in cloud cover as well as a lowering in temperatures with highs looking to be in the mid 70s. Clouds will slightly increase Monday night as the diurnal effects increase humidity. CAA will slightly strengthen which results in coll temps in the mid to low 40s. Current upper level zonal patterns will begin to become a ridging pattern on Tuesday which creates high pressure near the region and will promote WAA for the upcoming couple of days.

Long term (Wednesday 5/22 through Saturday 5/25)

WAA will be felt on Wednesday as highs reach the low 80s. The upper level pattern will lose its ridging structure and become zonal once again. Around the evening, a residual warm front from a dying low pressure system in the Northern Plains will push into the region. This creates a small chance for storms as heating will be enough to create diurnally driven updrafts, but rain is what is mostly expected. Moisture remains in the area on Thursday which could interact with a small upper level disturbance to create precipitation. On Friday, a stationary front forms due to a decaying low. Rain and storms are possible along this boundary. The decaying low will also push a weakening cold front into the region on Saturday which creates a small chance for rain since some models show the front drying out when entering our region.