Current Forecast Meet the Forecaster

Issued: 5pm on Sunday, July 9th 2023

Technical Forecast Discussion

Short-Term (Sunday 7/9/2023 – Tuesday 7/11/2023):

Rain is forecasted to persist throughout the overnight hours tonight, owing to a shortwave trough that is embedded in the longwave trough. These overnight showers will be relatively light and scattered, with an estimated accumulation of up to a quarter of an inch of rain. Fortunately, no severe weather is anticipated to accompany these storms.

As we approach Monday, the low-pressure system responsible for the rain will have moved eastward and exited our region. In its place, a ridge pattern will develop, leading to the establishment of high pressure. This shift in weather patterns will result in clear, sunny skies and dry conditions on both Monday and Tuesday.

Temperatures during Monday and Tuesday are expected to be typical for this time of year, hovering around the low-to-mid-80s. So, while enjoying the delightful sunny weather, you can also anticipate a comfortable and seasonable temperature range.

Long-Term (Wednesday 7/12/2023 – Saturday 7/15/2023):

Looking ahead to Wednesday, the weather conditions are anticipated to be quite similar to those experienced on Monday and Tuesday. You can expect another day of pleasant and sunny skies, accompanied by dry conditions.

However, as Wednesday progresses and transitions into the night, a weather pattern change will occur. The longwave trough pattern originating from the low-pressure system situated in central Canada will start to dominate the region. This shift in weather patterns sets the stage for some noteworthy developments in the coming days.

According to long-term weather models, several shortwaves are predicted to traverse the area from Thursday through Saturday, preceding a larger low-pressure system and a stationary boundary to our west. These shortwaves within the longwave trough are likely to bring some rainfall to our area. It is estimated that during this period, the total precipitation will not exceed 1.5-2 inches.

Despite the expected rainfall, temperatures will remain relatively close to the seasonal average. You can anticipate daytime highs around the mid-80s throughout this period, allowing for a comfortable conditions.