Alex Woolum

Class Year:
Class of 2017


Over my 4 years at OU I spent majority of time studying and participating in OUCAMS. My first two years were semi-involved in OUCAMS, but the last 2 I was a lot more involved. I tried volunteering for as many events as possible, as well as balancing my time spent working at Scalia Laboratory for Atmospheric Analysis. After my first year learning about basic Meteorology, we started to forecast Sophomore year and I fell in love with it ever since. I’ve always been the type of person who was curious and always wanted to know how things worked and why.

Forecasting was one of those things that got me extremely excited and I always looked forward to seeing my predictions fold-out, and why/why-not my predictions happened. I also kept a weather journal for three years. I seemed to have good intuition for forecasting as well, which helped when forecasting for WxChallenge. I participated in WxChallenge for 3 years, got top 200 my 2nd year overall and right around top 100 my last (senior) year overall as well. Junior year I tried applying for the lead forecasting position, and at the time Scalia Lab only had two positions available. The Lead Forecaster and the Web Master. Unfortunately a very good senior forecaster was selected for the Lead Forecasting position, but Dr. Fogt and Nate Mcginnis (Associate Director of Scalia Lab) suggested opening a new position called the “Intern Forecaster”. They asked me if I wanted this position and I was more than happy to accept this role. I’ve never been so grateful for anything at OU as I have for this position and then taking on the role as Lead Forecaster my senior year.

Towards the end of senior year I had some personal issues arise and when senior year ended I took one year off to just work. This Fall/Winter, of 2018, I plan on looking for a Operational forecasting position and/or working for a Private Sector company. I saved up a lot of money to build a PC that I can possibly use for a Remote forecasting position as well. I am leaving my opportunities open for my job position, but mainly looking for a Forecasting position.