Bryan Bunton

Class Year:
Class of 1997


Bryan J. Bunton is an environmental specialist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Field Services and Compliance Bureau in Des Moines, Iowa. Bryan received a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from Ohio University in 1997 under the direction and tutelage of Dr. Ron Isaac. During his tenure at Ohio, Bryan pioneered the use of creativity on the Scalia Lab weather forecasting hotline with phrases like “it was cloudy as a physics lecture” and “ice ice baby, you cold, you cold.” From there, Bryan went on to obtain a Master’s of Science degree in atmospheric sciences from North Carolina State University in 1999. In his current position in Des Moines, Bryan provides business and industry assistance in maintaining compliance with Iowa’s air quality and animal feeding operations rules and regulations, and ensures that the air is safe to breathe for those citizens and livestock who are proud to call Iowa home.